Android 13 Popular custom ROM for your device in 2022

The official version of Android 13 was released in August month itself, and the update has started rolling out for Android phones. Until now, many of you may not have received the official update of Android 13, only Pixel devices have started receiving the official update. When you will get Android 13 stable update on your smartphone depends on your mobile manufacturer company.

Many of you who are fond of custom ROMs, i.e. those who like to install various custom ROMs on their phones, may have used Android 11 or Android 12 based custom ROMs. Now maybe you want to install Android 13 based custom ROM on your phone.

In today’s article, we will discuss which Android 13 custom ROMs we can install on our phones. We will discuss in detail what new customizations have been added to all these custom ROMs and also what additional features have been added to the ROM.

Popular Android 13 Custom ROM For You

In terms of features and customization, there is not much difference between Android 12 and Android 13. In this latest Android version, only some features have been upgraded and minor new customizations have been added. Check this post to know the difference between Android 12 and Android 13.

These days there are various custom ROMs for different phones which means we have many options when it comes to installing custom ROMs. Some custom ROMs are based on Android 11 and some custom ROMs are based on Android 12.

As soon as the Android 13 version is released, its source code has also become available to the developers. Various third-party developers have already started working on Android 13 Custom ROM. As a result, some custom ROMs have been released for some phones. Some such custom ROMs are Project Elixir, Awaken OS, Evolution X, etc.

So far, the Android 13 custom ROM has been released only for some popular phones, with time the custom ROM will be available for other phones. Nowadays most of smartphone users use custom ROMs because all the features, customizations, and user experience we get in custom ROMs are not available in any other stock ROM. Below we have listed few Custom ROM that you can on your device.

Android 13 aka Tiramisu Custom ROM List

Since the official version of Android 13 was released last month, there are not many custom ROMs available for our phones till now. Moreover, all the custom ROMs that are being released are being launched as initial versions. From time to time we will get official updates for all these custom ROMs and new features will be added with time.

So some features may be missing in custom ROM. But there is nothing to panic about. Below we have discussed some custom ROMs that you can install on your phone. There is no guarantee that this ROM will be available for your phone. Because the decision of which custom ROM will be released for which phone is entirely in the hands of the custom ROM developer.

Project Elixir ROM

The first Android 13 custom ROM we will discuss is Project Elixir, version v3. This is an Android13 initial build custom ROM. This ROM comes with the August security patch. As we have already said that there is not much difference between Android12 and Android13, so we will not see much change in this custom ROM.

The settings UI of the ROM is exactly like Android 12. Only the about phone option of the ROM has been slightly changed. In About phone, we will see Android 13 easter egg options. In this ROM we will see the display size and text of the latest Android. Since this is an initial build, this ROM doesn’t have much customization.

In customization we can change the signal icon style, also new QS tiles are added in this ROM. Project Elixir ROM has implemented Android 13 wallpapers based color. In addition to the Material you theme, several basic colors have been added. But, the lock screen and notifications have not been changed. If we talk about the changelog of this ROM, Android 13 user interface and animations have been implemented.

We see animations in every single part of the UI element of this ROM. The animations are very smooth and there is no lag in UI. If we talk about the bugs and disadvantages of this custom ROM then face unlock has not been added till now. Also, many other customizations of Android 13 are yet to be added. In this ROM we can change per-app language and get a smart clipboard feature.

If you want to install this custom ROM then you can definitely install it, the UI of the ROM is very smooth and has almost all the features of Android 13 and works properly.

AwakenOS 3.0

The custom ROM we will discuss now is based on Android 13, the ROM is called AwakenOS version 3.0. This ROM contains the latest security patch of August 2022. And besides, we see useful features of Android 13. The ROM’s QS notification tiles haven’t changed much, all the tiles we used to get in Android 12 are present here with the addition of QR code scanner tiles and a change in the position of the power menu.

Earlier the power menu was in the top corner but in Android 13 the power menu has been brought to the bottom corner. Next to the power menu, we will find the active app feature, any app that is currently active will be displayed there and we can close a specific app from there or close apps from the recent bar.

In this ROM, we can access the latest notification option of Android 13, which means, we can allow or don’t allow the notification of a particular app. If you select Don’t allow, you will no longer receive notifications from that app.

Here we see Awaken Launcher instead of Pixel Launcher as the default launcher. Other features of Android 13 such as wallpaper-based theme, and per-app language all we will get in this ROM. Talking about bugs we won’t get IR face unlock in this ROM as it is initial build, but face unlock might come in the next update.

Although some features are missing as the initial build, the custom ROM is smooth enough and I can see the animation in every UI. If you want to install this custom ROM then you can definitely try it.

Evolution X 7.0 A13

Now we will discuss about Android 13 custom ROM which is a very popular custom ROM. Many of you may have used this ROM before. The custom ROM is called Evolution X. We all know that the main reason this ROM is popular is the battery backup. This is an official Android 13 custom ROM and we will get the latest security patches in this ROM. Most custom ROMs these days have SELinux enforcing by default.

This ROM contains safety net pass. In this custom ROM, we will get the notification access option of Android 13 from where we can disable unnecessary notifications. This is an initial build due to which many future features are missing in this ROM like face unlock, and fingerprint on display. We can see the QS style like Android 12 in this ROM where the latest power menu and active apps have been added.

Material U theme for Android 13 is present in this ROM. Also, we can change the per-app language of each application. The UI of the Evolution X custom ROM is quite smooth and we see animations on each single element, the battery backup of this ROM is quite good. If you want to install this ROM then definitely give it a try.


These are few ROMs that I installed on my Poka F1 device and share my experience. Also, there are some other ROMs that are released for your phone but not for my phone so I have not mentioned those ROMs.

Android 13 Popular Custom ROM FAQs

Has Android 13 been released?

On the 15th of last month (August 15th), the official Android 13 was released.

What is Android 13 called?

Every Android has a code name and short name, Android 13 has short name T and code name Tiramisu.

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