Android 13 vs Android 12 Features Comparison- What’s New?

Smartphone users mostly use the Android operating system on their phones. Today we are here with good news for all those Android users, very soon the latest update of Android 13 will be officially rolled out on our smartphones. So those who are using Android 12 will get the official update of Android 13 very soon. But we might have to wait a bit because as always, the Android 13 update will be rolled out to Pixel phones first, followed by the latest Android version on other companies’ smartphones.

Whereas the new features of ios 16, Color OS 13, and Oxygen OS 13 have already been announced. Android is one step ahead there. Although we have already received the beta update of Android 13, this time the official version has already been released in the month of August.

In today’s article, we will discuss what changes have been introduced in Android 13 compared to Android 12, also what are the major and minor differences between these two Android versions and what new features have been added in Android 13 which is not present on Android 12 ROM.

Android 13 vs Android 12 Features Comparison

Android 13 vs Android 12 Features Comparison

Many of you might be very excited about the Android 13 update. But let us make one thing clear not many changes have been made in this update. In this update, we will see a clean UI similar to Android 12, some new features added on this update, and nothing else. Many of you might be expecting big changes in the Android 13 update, but that’s not the case. below we have compared some features of these two Android versions, which are not present in Android 12, and some features are present in both Android versions.

Per-app Language Change option

There is no option available to change the application language on Android 12 ROM, to change the per-app language we had to change the system language. But in this latest Android 13 update, we can change the language of each application separately without changing the system language of the phone.

If the system language is set as English by default, we can change the language of any installed application to Bengali, Marathi, Telugu, Hindi, or any other language we prefer. This means that changing the language in a particular application will not require changing the system language. This feature is useful for those who use different languages simultaneously on their phone.

Permission Specific

In the Android 13 update, we can restrict apps to access file or folder permissions. That is, when we upload a file to an application, we can set permission to access that file or folder without giving full storage permission. Everyone has personal files on their phones that they don’t want to share with anyone, so this feature will be a very important security feature for them. But in Android 12 we cannot set permissions for specific files or folders.

Material You Theme Design

The Material you wallpaper-based theme option was introduced in the Android 12 update.

In Android 12 ROM we can use material you theme element only in some selected applications like messages, clock, calculator and phone dialer, etc. Apart from these apps, other apps do not support this material theme. But in Android 13 we can use the Material UI theme in most apps. In the Android 13 update, some extra wallpaper-based colors and additional features have been added.

Smart Clipboard Feature

Nowadays, smartphones are becoming smarter with the advancement of technology. In the latest update of Android, we will see a new feature Smart Clipboard, actually, it is not a completely new feature. It is an upgraded version of the clipboard that we used to get in Android 12.

The reason why this clipboard is called smart is that when we copy any text, the copied text will be automatically deleted from the clipboard after some time. Also, we can edit and save that copied text from the clipboard. Not only can we copy text, but we can also copy images and edit the image from the clipboard and then save it later.

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Active App Reminder

Sometimes we turn on a feature and forget to turn it off later, which drains our phone’s battery quickly. In the Android 13 update, we will get a new notification alert that will indicate which features are turned on and not being used and we can turn off those features by clicking on that notification. Which is not present in Android 12 ROMs.

Change Default App Permission

In Android 12, when we install an application, the application already enables notification permission by default, but in Android 13, we can set notification permission ourselves when we install an application. We can turn off the notifications of any application as per usage so that we don’t have to face any unnecessary notifications.


These were some of the features that were added in the Android 13 update and which are not present in the Android 12 ROM. Apart from these, some more features have been added in this latest update. But to compare between these two Android versions we have discussed the features above.

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