7 Tips to Fix Overheating on your Android smartphone

Android applications are becoming very heavy day by day. There are some applications that require a lot of resources to run in the background. In some cases, the smartphone overheats due to high resource usage. Smartphone manufacturing companies are constantly trying to protect our devices from overheating.

An example of this is Nubia Red Magic, the first smartphone that implemented an internal fan to provide cooling. Almost each and every hardware component of a smartphone generates heat, but the most heat-producing ones are the display, camera, GPU, CPU, and battery. Overheating occurs for different reasons for different users.

In the following article, we will share some ultimate solutions that will control your smartphone overheating problem. I personally faced heating issue on my smartphone Poco F1. And tried some fixes that really solved the heating problem, so these solutions should work for every device.

Tips to cool down smartphone Fix Overheating

Why Our Smartphones Overheats?

Almost most Android phones these days have overheating issues. Smartphones get overheated especially when we play heavy games. The heating issues can occur due to many reasons like playing games continuously for a long time or using the internet for a long time.

In some cases, some phone gets overheated while using the phone camera. Also in some cases, the phone heats up when we are not even using our smartphone. Some Xiaomi devices heat up while charging. If you are suffering from these problems then applying our ultimate tips and tricks will reduce your phone heating issue.

Does overheating reduce performance?

The processor of the smartphone executes all the functions of the phone. If due to any reason the device overheats, in that case, the CPU reduces the clock speed from its CPU core. So that the phone’s temperature returns to its normal state, and the phone is saved from damage. But due to the decrease in clock speed, we have to face frame drops, lags, bad user experiences, and performance drops.

So what is the right way to fix this problem? Below we have shared some ultimate methods to fix the heating issue.

Tips to fix overheating in Android smartphones?

Mobile phones of earlier days used to have dual cores or less, but today’s smartphones have also been upgraded due to technology upgrades. Current smartphones come with a minimum of quad-core, Hexa-core, or Octa-core processors.

The smartphone processor i.e. CPU is the brain of the smartphone, which controls all the functions. We never faced heating issues in the previous generations’ phones. But these days smartphones are becoming more powerful and at the same time, applications are consuming more and more resources than ever before.

Step 1

Reduce the screen brightness of your display as much as possible while using your phone, our suggestion is to enable the adaptive brightness or dim brightness feature for best practice, and remove the tempered glass from the phone if possible. So that excess heat can transfer through the smartphone display. In this way, the excess heat can be reduced to some extent.

Step 2

If your phone overheats while playing games, then you should let the phone cool down a bit, because you can play games only if the phone is in proper condition. You can also use an external USB fan. Using these fans while playing games can cause excess heat to pass through the mobile which prevents the device from overheating.

Step 3

Some applications are always active in the background which consumes a lot of phone resources. To disable these apps, go to device settings and disable the background process of all these apps and turn off the auto-start apps. This leaves a lot of free space in the phone’s RAM and CPU. You can remove the applications that are not of any use to you.

Step 4

When charging your phone, remove the back cover of the phone, this will allow excess heat to pass through, and never use the phone while charging. Always charge the phone from 90 to 95. This will reduce the pressure on the phone’s battery.

Step 5

To save battery, the Battery Saver option reduces CPU and RAM usage from the background so that no application can easily use up the phone’s resources. This feature keeps the device very cool and protects the phone from overheating. If you want, you can use the Extreme Battery Saver option to keep the device cool.

Step 6

Always keep all the installed apps updated, if you have any outdated apps installed on your phone, update them. Sometimes the device produces heat due to bugs in the operating system. Therefore, it is always mandatory to keep both the system application and OS updated. And it’s better to stay away from unwanted applications.

Step 7

In some cases, we over-clock our smartphone’s CPU and GPU to play heavy games on our smartphone. Those of you who have installed custom kernels must have overclocked their devices. Overclocking devices has never been safer. This either damages the phone hardware or shortens the life of the device hardware.


These were some simple but effective methods that you can use to reduce the heating issue. Preventing smartphone overheating is all up to us, so don’t install any apps that claim that installing the apps will solve overheating.

Also always avoid overclocking, when you play games with an overclocked CPU and GPU processor, the power supply reaches its maximum level, which creates pressure on both the CPU and GPU. And playing games for a long time cause the device to overheat. If you want to get rid of heating issues, you should avoid overclocking stuff.

FAQs Fix Overheating Android

How can I fix my heating problem?

There are several methods to solve the heating issue such as reducing the brightness of the phone, removing the back cover while charging, using an external fan, using the mobile on AC, etc.

How can I fix my Android phone from heating?

Android phones are powerful but the optimization process is not well enough. You can follow our steps which will solve most heating problems for all devices.

Which app is heating our phone?

All the apps that use resources in the background are responsible for the heating issue.

How do you solve Realme heating problems?

Like Xiaomi devices, Realme devices also have overheating issues. To prevent heating. Turn off Always On display, limit background processes, and follow the rest of our methods.

Which app is used to cool phones?

There is no application that prevents the phone from overheating except the inbuilt battery saver app. So never install any unwanted apps that claim that those apps will protect devices from overheating. Instead, all these apps start consuming the smartphone’s resources.

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