What is ghost touch Problem- 5 ways to fix touch issue on iPhone and Android

Sometimes our phone screen starts acting on its own even when we are not using the phone, which is called ghost touch. Ghost touch usually results in one-of-a-kind manufacturing of defective products. This is a very common problem that we have to face sometimes. We cannot use our phones properly due to the ghost touch problem, and there is no permanent solution available to this problem.

Many people use Custom ROMs and Custom kernels to solve the touchscreen problem but it doesn’t give any positive results. There is no permanent solution to fix this problem due to its hardware malfunction. In today’s article, we will share some ultimate ghost touch fixing tips that will reduce the ghost touch issue on your smartphone.

what is Ghost Touch problem How to Fix

What are the different types of touch screens panels?

The touchscreen was first introduced in 1965 by E.A. Johnson. Just as there are many types of displays, there are also different types of touch screens. We generally use two types of touch screens. The first one is a Capacitive touch screen, another is Resistive touch screen panel.

What is Capacitive touchscreen?

A capacitive touch screen is made of multiple composite layers of glass and plastic. On which conductor material is present, such as Copper and Aluminum. Capacitive touchscreens only respond when the display comes into contact with any electrical conductors, just like our fingers.

When we run our finger across the touch screen panel, electrical-waves flow to the display i.e, touch screen, and the touch screen responds in return. We use the capacitive touch screens in our smartphones, and laptops.

types Of Touch Screen

What is Resistive touchscreen?

This touch screen is seen in large display devices, where only one touch input is passed or acted upon at a time. Resistive touch screens are not much accurate. If many touch inputs are passed simultaneously, this touch screen panel cannot back its accurate result. Resistive touchscreens are commonly used in ATM machines or large screen devices, where only single touch input is passed at a time.

Why do ghost touch issues happen on Smartphones?

In most cases, ghost touch issues happen on faulty manufacturing devices. But there are some other reasons that cause this problem such as more or less power supply through charger, overclocking the display refresh rate, etc.

Because of all these reasons, sometimes the touch screen acts on its own. For that, we always advise using an official charger with the same input voltage. There are also other reasons for the ghost touch problem which we have described below.

Due to Device Overheating

Sometimes there is a possibility of a ghost touch problem if the device overheats. Many smartphone users like to play games on their phones. Many people are seen to be charging their phones and playing games at the same time. As a result, the mobile battery gets overheated.

But we all use a back cover on our phone which makes it difficult to guess how much the mobile has overheated. The touch starts working automatically when the mobile overheats. Also, if the device overheats, in many cases, the display and the phone’s battery are likely to be completely damaged.

Screen protector

When installing a screen protector, if the protector is not properly attached to the display, the ghost touch problem may occur. Also using a bad-quality screen protector can also lead to such problems.

how to fix ghost touch iphone 11

How to fix ghost touch on iPhone and Android?

We have already discussed that the ghost touch problem is a common problem that we face from time to time so there is nothing to worry about it. Many people have given many solutions to solve this problem on the internet, such as flashing with a lighter on the touch screen, installing Custom ROMs and custom kernels, etc.

I have a device, Poco F1 in which I often experience ghost touch issues, and have done a lot of research to resolve this ghost touch problem on my device. And tried many Custom ROM but that didn’t help either. There is still no exact solution to fix the ghost touch due to its manufacturing defects. But below we have discussed some ultimate ways to fix this problem by using which you can get rid of the ghost touch problem.

First Method

Many of us use the D2TW (double tap to wake) feature on our smartphones, which sometimes leads to the ghost touch issue. When we turn off the phone screen on standby, our phone screen does not turn off completely because of this feature on.

In that case, the touch layers remain active in the background. And when any resistor passes on the touch screen, the screen turns on again. That’s why you can use the raise to wake feature instead of using the D2TW feature.

Second Method

To fix the ghost touch problem you need to go navigate your device settings. And search by typing screenshots. Then select the Take a screenshot option and de-select Slide three fingers down and select the None option. Having the Take a screenshot option turned on may lead to ghost touch issues.

Third Method

There are some apps in the play store that we can use to reduce ghost touch. We need to make all the specific touch layers unresponsive where the ghost touch is taking place on the touch screen. For this, you have to go to Play Store and search for an app called “Partial Screen”.

After opening the app there are two ways we can detect ghost touch. The first option is auto-detection, which will automatically detect where ghost touches are occurring and block those layers. If you touch the phone screen while analyzing the screen in the auto-detection option, it will consider it as a ghost touch and make the layers unresponsive. Therefore, do not touch the screen while analyzing the screen.

In the manual option, you have to select where the ghost touch problem is happening. You can use the manual detect option if you have a ghost touch on a specific area of your smartphone, else you can use the automatic option if there is a ghost touch on the whole screen.

This app will block the touch layers by creating non-clickable UI elements where the ghost touches happen and will make the layer unresponsive.

Fourth Method

In this step, you need to go to phone settings and type “pointer speed“, and search. After opening the pointer speed option, reduce the pointer speed and save it and your screen problem will be solved.

Fifth Method

A few years ago some phones came out with a big notch where we faced touch problems if you have such phone disable the notch option first and go into developer options. Open Developer Settings and then you need to look for an option named Disable-Hardware Overlay. Then disable HW overlay, that’s it.


The problem of ghost touch occurs for many reasons. Among these, the main reason is faulty hardware, so that’s why there is no permanent solution to this problem. But you can try the methods we share which will reduce the ghost touch of your phone a lot.

All of these are temporary solutions. If you want to get rid of the ghost touch problem completely, you have to change the display of your smartphone. But there is no guarantee that ghost touch will be fixed 100% even after changing the display panel. So, better you can reduce the ghost touch just by using our methods.

FAQ’s Ghost Touch Problem

what is ghost touch?

Just by hearing the name, you can understand what Ghost Touch is. This is the hardware problem where our phone screen starts acting up by itself,

how to get rid of ghost touch?

To get rid of ghost touch completely, you need to change the display of your phone, but even that will not solve the problem. Because it is hardware related problem.

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