Custom ROM Explanation- Pro and Cons of a Custom ROM 2022

We all use smartphones in our daily life, some users use smartphones according to their daily needs. As many people like customization and features on their phone and others like to play games on their phone, in all cases, you have used a custom ROM at least once.

Nowadays there are many custom ROMs available for almost every device. There are many custom ROMs available for a specific device. The reason behind this is that some users like to play games on the phone and they look for custom ROMs where the performance is relatively high.

Some users like only chatting and watching movies on their phone, they look for ROMs that offer more battery backup. Many people like to use the customization and new features in the phone. For these reasons, we get the opportunity to use different types of custom ROMs for different devices.

In today’s article we are going to discuss, what is Custom Custom ROM. What are the advantages and disadvantages of using custom ROM? We will discuss why we should use custom ROMs in 2022 and why we should avoid custom ROMs.

custom ROMs are free

What is a Custom ROM Explanation?

Before explaining what a custom ROM is, let’s discuss a little about what a ROM actually is. A ROM is a type of operating system developed by Google that we use in our smartphones. These operating systems are not only used on smartphones but also installed on smartwatches and IoT devices.

Android ROM is based on an open-source project. This source code is owned by Google itself. Every year when an upgraded Android version is released in beta or global version, the source codes are also released. All these source codes are open, and anyone can customize these codes according to our needs.

Smartphone manufacturers take all these source codes and add new features, customizations, apps, and optimizations to the source codes. Then they launch custom ROMs with a new user interface on their own company’s mobiles.

Because of this, even if the Android version is the same, the user interface and features are slightly different. For example, OnePlus Mobile has Oxygen OS, Samsung’s One UI, Xiaomi’s MIUI, and others.

Similarly, other developers also use these source codes to create custom ROMs for different devices. The main purpose of keeping the source code open is to create a free environment between the developers and the code.

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Purpose of developing custom ROM

The ROM that we use in the mobile when it is launched by the company is called stock ROM. In a more simple sense, a custom ROM is a type of ROM that is built based on the source code. The main purpose of creating custom ROMs is to deliver a unique user interface and make it more user-friendly.

In addition to changing the system UI, developers add features, unique customizations, and optimizations to all these ROMs. That is, custom ROMs are some ROMs that are made by third-party developers and which are not owned by any mobile company. There are some categories of custom ROMs like official Custom ROMs and unofficial custom ROMs.

Custom ROMs are usually made by reputed developers. And there are many developers needed to create a custom ROM. Some developers take care of the graphics part, while others handle update maintenance and Some developers fix bugs. That’s why teamwork is required while developing a custom ROM.

What are the steps to install Custom ROM

What are the steps to install Custom ROM?

Before installing a custom ROM you must have a bootloader unlocked device which is a very important step. In addition to unlocking the bootloader, must have a custom recovery installed on your device. These are the two most important steps that everyone must follow.

Another important point, the process of unlocking the bootloader is completely different for every device. After unlocking the bootloader you can install any custom recovery like an Orangefox, TWRP, SHRP, PBRP recovery, or RWRP. Each recovery works the same way only the UI of these recovery is slightly different.

In order to install a custom ROM, you need to enter the recovery mode of your device. Before that, you have to save the ROM file to your internal storage. Then follow the steps below,

  • After entering into recovery go to the wipe option and choose advanced wipe.
  • Next, select and tick Dalvik, Cache, System, Vendor, and Data options and select Wipe.
  • Then go to the install option and select the ROM file then select the swipe to install.
  • After that install Gapps, if the ROM doesn’t come with the Gapps package.
  • Next, you can install any addon files you want, eg, extra modules or Magisk (for root).
  • Then select reboot system and give the ROM some time to boot.
Note: If you follow the above methods then you can install any ROM without any error. You should backup your data before wiping the system.
Pros and Cons of Installing a Custom ROM

Pros and Cons of Installing a Custom ROM

We have discussed above what custom ROM is and by whom these ROMs are developed. We use custom ROMs so that we can explore or test any new features or customizations. So of course there are some advantages of using custom ROM because otherwise, we would be using stock ROM.

Some pros of using a Custom ROM

Custom ROMs are used by us to explore the needy features and endless customization, while many people install custom ROMs on devices to perform various experiments. Now we will discuss what are the advantages and disadvantages of using custom ROM.

Never bother with updates

When a new smartphone is launched, the manufacturing companies give us software updates, security patch updates, and Android version updates for one to two years. But after two to three years later, those smartphones stopped receiving updates from the company, which makes us feel frustrated and disappointed.

Because everyone wants to keep up with current technology. In this situation, third-party developers make ROMs for all those old phones, so that we can get the latest Android version and latest security patch updates on those phones.

Most Custom ROMs are free to use

Coding and programming are all skill-based knowledge, and the more you dig into these skills, the more the skills improve. Using all these skills, developers create custom ROMs as per their wishes. There are countless custom ROMs for a particular device and countless developers to develop these ROMs. All these skilled developers create custom ROMs based on the user’s needs and most of the custom ROMs are free which means it doesn’t cost us to use their ROMs.

custom ROM excellent performance

For excellent performance

Those of you who have used stock ROM and custom ROM will surely know which ROM has better performance. The main reason why custom ROMs are popular is that these ROMs offer great performance. Custom ROMs offer more performance than stock ROMs. That’s why those who like to play games on their smartphones usually give more importance to performance and they use custom ROMs over stock ROM.

The performance of some custom ROMs is relatively high because the developers prioritize performance first while making these ROMs. In custom ROMs, we don’t have bloatware apps, which are unnecessary apps that we usually don’t use. As a result, we see a smooth user interface in these ROMs.


Endless customization and unique UI

We are discussing custom ROMs and the word customization won’t come up, it won’t happen. Some custom ROMs have dedicated settings options for customization where users can customize the device as per their needs. Many people like to customize their smartphones, that’s why developers give priority to customization besides performance.

There are many custom ROMs available in the market for customizing the device, Ancient OS is popular among these ROM. It is a popular custom ROM in terms of customization.

Overclocking and Underclocking are possible

Another benefit of using custom ROMs is overclocking and underclocking. As we can increase our smartphone’s performance, and battery backup by using custom ROM, in the same way, we can overclock and underclock the phone’s CPU and GPU frequency by using a custom kernel. In custom ROMs, the CPU cores are independent, that why, it is possible to get maximum performance by overclocking the CPU cores from the processor. But overclocking is not possible in stock ROMs.

Because the stock ROMs have CPU and GPU frequency locked, when the phone overheats, the performance decreases automatically and the device cannot be damaged. Although due to this we often have to face bad user experience.

Just as overclocking is possible in custom ROMs, we can underclock CPU, and GPU frequency in these ROMs. In stock ROMs, the underclocking process is done automatically and in custom ROMs, we have to do it manually. Underclocking prevents unwanted apps from consuming too much CPU and GPO power from the background. As a result, the battery backup of the phone increases a lot.

Comes with less bloatware applications Installed

The interface of custom ROMs is usually neat and clean, meaning only essential apps are installed. As a result, the phone’s RAM and internal storage are free enough, which makes the user interface quite smooth. Besides, we can uninstall system apps in custom ROMs which is not possible in other stock ROMs.

Cons of using a Custom ROM

Along with the advantages of using custom ROMs, there are also some disadvantages that we have to face sometimes. We are going to discuss some such difficulties with you.

It voids the phone’s warranty

Custom ROMs are for those whose phones are old and the phone has stopped receiving updates. You don’t need to use custom ROM on newer phones. Because in new phones we get frequent updates from the company itself. There are many disadvantages of using custom ROMs on new phones, one such reason is that it voids the phone’s warranty.

At first, we have to go through various processes to install custom ROM. Before installing a custom ROM, we have to unlock the bootloader on the device, which invalidates the warranty of the phone.

Bugs and broken features

One of the common disadvantages of installing custom ROMs is bugs. After installing all these ROMs we often encounter major and minor bugs. Earlier days custom ROMs had a lot of bugs due to which we could not use many features. Custom ROMs contain many bugs like automatic reboot, missing and broken features, Bluetooth, wifi or LTE not working and system crashing, etc.

Although the number of bugs in current ROMs is very less and even if there are bugs, the developers fix them in the next update. That is why it is common to have major or minor bugs in custom ROMs. This should be considered before installing all these ROMs.

Frequent backups and data loss

Before installing a custom ROM, we must take a complete backup of our device. Because our internal memory gets formatted while installing this ROM. If one installs a custom ROM without backing up the data, his essential data may be permanently deleted which cannot be recovered later.

Chances of Hardrick or Softbrick

while performing an installation process sometimes our devices get soft bricked or in some cases go into a hard bricked state. This problem occurs if you don’t follow all the processes properly during installing a custom ROM. Often our device gets stuck in a boot loop due to soft brick. To fix the soft brick device, we have to perform a clean flash again.

In some cases, our device gets hard bricked if we perform improper installation, although this problem happens in rare cases. But once the device goes into a hard brick state we can do nothing but regret only. It can be fixed only from the company’s service center. That’s why installing custom ROMs requires complete knowledge. You need to have proper knowledge about which file and which ROM to install.


Many of you are thinking that if there are so many difficulties in using custom ROM, then why should we use custom ROM? And many of you are wondering if it is safe to use custom ROM in 2022. Below we explain this question.

A custom ROM is made by customizing the open source codes, and these codes are available from Google. That’s why using a custom ROM is always safe. Using a custom ROM is all up to the user, and how the user is using it.

According to us, if your device is old and updates are completely stopped by the manufacturing company, you can use custom ROM. Another reason for using custom ROM if you want to use the latest features and user interface or customization. The decision is yours and no one can force you on it.

Custom ROM pro and cons Faqs

What is a custom ROM?

A custom ROM is a ROM that is similar to the stock ROM, but slightly different from the stock ROM. Custom ROMs are developed according to users’ tests and needs.

Is installing custom ROMs safe in 2022?

Since custom ROMs are made by re-designing the source code, there is a bit of risk in this. But these ROMs are made by reputed developers so there is no reason to fear about. Before you install a custom ROM you need to research whether the ROM is suitable to install or not.

Which Custom ROM is best for Android devices?

Which custom ROM is best is a bit complicated to answer. Each user’s taste is different, some give importance to performance and some give importance to battery backup. In our opinion, Corvus OS is made for gaming, Evolution OS is good for battery backup, and Ancient OS offers endless customization.

Do custom ROMs improve device performance?

In our opinion, yes, custom ROMs have fewer apps installed so the phone’s RAM and storage are saved a lot, making the device perform better. Also, gamers increase the performance of CPU and GPU by overclocking. Overclocking is quite risky though.

Are custom ROM better than stock ROM?

It depends on the user itself. According to us stock ROM for normal users and custom ROM for advanced android users.

What are the Cons of using custom ROM?

There are some disadvantages, such as voiding the warranty, having bugs, hard bricking or soft bricking the phone, etc.

Does custom ROM require root?

It is possible to install custom ROMs without root access, earlier custom ROMs required superuser permission in other words root, now root access is not required to install custom ROM.

Can I install Custom ROM without unlocking the device bootloader?

No, you must have a bootloader unlocked device to install the custom ROM. This is the very first and most important step for installing a custom ROM.

Can I install a custom ROM without custom recovery?

not possible, this is the second important step to installing a custom ROM. Because we install these ROM through custom recovery.

Can I flash custom ROM with a locked bootloader?

As we said before we can’t. Installing custom ROMs requires custom recovery and unlocked bootloader.

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