Rules for playing Wordle- What are Today’s Wordle Hints and Clues?

The word game Wordle is becoming more popular day by day and everyone is really loving this game. I also played this word game a few days ago, and truly speaking I really liked this game.

In today’s post, we’re going to share with you what is Wordle. And how to play this game. In addition, in this article, we will share with you today’s hints and clues about the game Wordle. This will allow you to solve the word puzzles in the game easily.

Overview Of Wordle Online Game

Name Of The GameWordle
Developed byJosh Wardle
Category News
Game Typeword Puzzle

What is Wordle?

The game was created by a man named Josh Wardle as a gift for his mate. Hope you all are already familiar with this trending online word games wordle. Wordle is a daily online word puzzle game that has some basic elements such as random words with five letters, a box with 5 cells per row, columns with 6 cells, and an internal keyboard. The word random is a 5 letter word that is the same for everyone. The main goal of this puzzle game is to guess a random five-letter word in six tries or less. The ward changes every 24 hours.

Wordle Today's Answer Hints and Clues

In all the puzzle games on the play store, we get instructions to solve the puzzles, but in this game, we don’t get any instructions. But instead, we see three types of color transitions. With these three color instructions, you have to find the random word of the day.

How To Play Wordle Game Online?

How do you play Wardle? This is an online game that we can only play if we visit the NYtime website. There are no apps available yet for this word game. To play this game we have to go to internet and search by typing wordle – the new york times, and then by going to the first website.

There we will get some basic instructions and rules before playing the game. It is important to know the rules of the game to be able to solve the puzzle in less than 6 attempts.

Rules for playing Wordle game

In this game, the rules of playing wordle are kinda simple. We have to guess a random word that consists of five alphabets. If we write the word here, some color will be shown. This means that some clues will be given. Through these color hints, we can determine if the word we guess is correct or not.

  • If the letter is green, it means that the letter we entered is correct and is in the right position.
  • If the color turns yellow, we must assume that the letter we are entering is in today’s random words, but its position is not correct. This letter will be somewhere else.
  • And if it turns gray, it means that the alphabet isn’t in the random word. And next time we try, we’ll have to skip the alphabet.

We have the option of trying six times on a single day. If we can guess correctly the random word six times, we win. Otherwise, you’ll have to wait for the next random word.

Wordle Today’s Answer Hints and Clues

We want to build relationships with you so that we will share tips and clues with you on a daily basis. That’s why we want to share with you the random words of wordle in this article. We hope you’re all by our side.

Today’s Wordle Hints and Clues #530 (December 1)

  • Today’s word has two vowels.
  • The second word is “J“.
  • The third word is “E“.
  • The fourth and final letters are CT.

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